Maha Hussaini in Gaza – You Cannot Be Neutral in a Genocide

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In the latest PalCast episode titled “Maha Hussaini in Gaza – You Cannot Be Neutral in a Genocide,” available on Apple & Spotify, we delved into the courageous work of Maha Hussaini, an award-winning Palestinian journalist. Despite facing immense challenges, Maha has been on the frontlines, documenting Israel’s war on Gaza since October. Her reporting sheds light on the mass displacement of Palestinians, a crisis that affects the entire population of 2.3 million residents.

Maha Nazih Al-Hussaini, based in Gaza, is not just a journalist but also a human rights activist. She has fearlessly covered Israel’s military campaigns, including field executions of Palestinians. Her work even served as evidence in the International Court of Justice’s case accusing Israel of genocide. Maha’s commitment to truth-telling transcends borders.

Maha’s award-winning journalism has not gone unnoticed. She recently received the Courage in Journalism Award from the International Women’s Media Foundation. However, this honor was later rescinded due to a smear campaign by pro-Israeli forces. Despite such attacks, Maha remains steadfast. As she puts it, “I will always be objective in my reporting, but I can never be neutral. I will always point out the perpetrators and stand in solidarity with the victims.”

In our PalCast episode, Maha discussed the dire conditions in Gaza and the need for an active Palestinian voice. She shed light on western media bias, emphasizing that the war waged on Gaza is not merely against armed factions but impacts the entire population. Listening to Maha’s insights is crucial for understanding the complex realities on the ground.

Join us as Maha Hussaini shares her experiences, challenges, and unwavering commitment to truth. Listen to the PalCast episode hosted by Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban, and Tony Groves. Let’s amplify Maha’s voice and stand against injustice.

Remember, you can take away her award, but you cannot silence her voice.