Gaza – A Mother and a Teacher

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In this compelling episode of PalCast, available on Apple & Spotify, journalist and educator Deanna Othman took us on a poignant journey to Gaza. As a Palestinian American, Othman shared her firsthand experiences, reflecting on her recent visit to the region in June 2023.

Othman delved into how the world has transformed since her last trip to Gaza. She grapples with the complexities of identity as a Palestinian-American in the diaspora, particularly during Eid. The impact of the ongoing conflict weighs heavily on her, especially as a mother.

This year’s Eid holds special significance for both Palestinians in the diaspora and those trapped in Gaza. Othman discussed the enduring legacy of Refaat Alareer, who visited Chicago in 2014 as part of a speaking tour. Additionally, Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban, and Tony Groves provided the latest updates from Gaza.

Mrs. Deanna Othman, an alumna of Universal School, brought a wealth of knowledge to the conversation. With a Bachelor’s Degree in English and International Studies and a Master’s in Journalism (with a focus on Magazine Publishing, Editing, and Writing) from Northwestern University, she bridges journalism and education. Her work has been featured in esteemed publications such as the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times,, and the Huffington Post. As the assistant editor of Islamic Horizons magazine, she continues to contribute to meaningful dialogue. Ms. Othman’s decade-long service on the boards of AMP-Chicago and CIOCG underscores her commitment to community and advocacy.

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