Dark Humour for Dark Times with Tadhg Hickey

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In the latest episode of PalCast titled “Dark Humour for Dark Times,” hosts Yousef, Helena, and Tony engaged in a powerful conversation with Tadhg Hickey, an Irish comedian, satirist, and activist. The episode, available on Apple & Spotify, delved into the critical role that activist art plays in protesting the ongoing genocide in Gaza. Tadhg fearlessly spoke up, emphasizing that the price creatives pay for raising their voices is one he willingly accepts and adds that amidst the darkness, the need for laughter emerges as a powerful tool for resilience and resistance.

Tadhg Hickey is a multi-talented performer and advocate who wears many hats—comedian, actor, writer, musician, voiceover artist, and political animal (or, as he humorously puts it, a “ferret”). Based in Cork, Ireland, Tadhg’s work spans TV shows, films, theater, music, and voiceover projects.

His activism extends beyond the stage, as he passionately cares about social and political inequalities worldwide. His presence on PalCast added depth to discussions about Gaza, homelessness, and the global struggle for justice. As an Irishman, Tadhg’s own story resonates deeply with the ongoing crisis and links it to other struggles around the world. Listen to this engaging and informative PalCast episode, and join the call for solidarity!