Gaza – Heartbreak and Heroism with Journalist Aseel Mousa: A Must-Listen PalCast Episode

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Helena Cobban of Just World Educational and Tony Groves of the Tortoise Shack send their deepest condolences to Dr Yousef Aljamal, the inspirational leader of the PalCast project, on the loss of his father in Gaza, Palestine. Our hearts go out to Yousef and his family at this difficult time.

Despite the heartbreaking news, the PalCast team decided to go ahead with this episode, which is now available on Apple & Spotify, amid significant developments in recent days regarding the ongoing conflict in Gaza. The prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC) has requested arrest warrants for Netanyahu, Gallant and three Hamas leaders. These developments demand attention and understanding.

Special Guest: Aseel Mousa

Our special guest for this episode is Aseel Mousa. Aseel is an experienced Palestinian journalist who reported from Gaza during the first five months of the genocide. She faced immense challenges while working in Gaza before being evacuated to Cairo in March. In this conversation with Aseel, she shared her experiences, the realities of reporting from a conflict zone, and her hopes for a better future.

Don’t miss this powerful episode. Tune in on Apple Podcasts or Spotify and hear first-hand accounts of heartbreak, heroism and resilience.

Remembering Dr. Yousef Aljamal’s Father

Yousef has dedicated a newspaper article to his father on In These Times entitled ‘Education in Gaza Has Been Decimated, but the Spirit of Refaat Alareer Will Prevail’. Read it by clicking here.

Let’s honour the memory of Dr. Yousef Aljamal’s father and learn from the voices of those who have witnessed the tragedy and courage in Gaza.