Elbit Systems: A Controversial Player in the Gaza Conflict

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Elbit Systems, Israel’s leading weapons manufacturer, is under scrutiny for its significant role in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. PalCast hosts looked at the company’s involvement and the campaigns against it, along with Huda Ammori, a co-founder of the Palestine Action Group, in the latest episode of PalCast.

Huda Ammori

Huda Ammori: Activist and Co-Founder of Palestine Action

Huda Ammori is not just a co-founder of the direct-action network, Palestine Action, but also a relentless activist who has dedicated her efforts to expose British complicity with Israeli apartheid. Despite facing court cases due to her activism, Ammori continues to advocate for the rights of Palestinians.

Ammori argues that Elbit Systems, which she views as an extension of the Israeli state, should not be allowed to operate in the UK, a country that claims to have strict criteria for arms exports. From drones to naval equipment, Elbit Systems’ products continue to be used in actions that result in Palestinian casualties. The campaigns against the company are only expanding.

For a firsthand account of the struggle against Elbit Systems, read the article written by Ammori titled “WHY I RISKED PRISON TO SHUT ELBIT DOWN”. It provides a compelling narrative of her commitment to the cause and the lengths she is willing to go to make a difference.

The ongoing conflict in Gaza is a complex issue with many players. As the situation continues to evolve, it’s crucial to stay informed and understand the role of entities like Elbit Systems in the broader context.

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To learn more about Elbit Systems and its role in the Gaza conflict, check out the PalCast episode titled “Gaza: Stopping the Weapons of War” with Yousef Aljamal, Helena Cobban, and Tony Groves, available on Apple & Spotify.