Gaza’s Yousef Aljamal in FB Live discussion January 12, on legacies of Cast Lead

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Gaza-Palestinian social activist Yousef Aljamal will be the featured resource person in a Facebook “Live” discussion that Just World Ed will be hosting on Saturday, January 12, starting at 12 noon New York time (7 pm Palestine time.) The topic he’ll be discussing will be “The meaning and legacies of Cast Lead,” and the session will continue for 30-40 minutes.

Anyone with questions they’d like send to Yousef in advance of this online event should send them to:

If you’re watching the live video event, you can submit your questions and reactions in the “Comments” box there.

A Facebook Live is a “live” online video discussion which is also archived on Facebook and can thus be used as an educational resource for many years to come.

This project is part of our #CastleadPlus10 campaign, which will be continuing until at least January 17.

Yousef, a refugee from the area of “1948” Israel, grew up in a refugee camp in Gaza and was there during Cast Lead. He is a writer, editor, translator, and social activist currently doing doing graduate studies in Turkey. In 2014, he contributed a fine short story to the anthology Gaza Writes Back, published by Just World Books. He toured the United States that year, along with two other contributors to that book. He has also edited and translated into English a collection of extracts from the diaries of Palestinian prisoners.

In summer 2017, he was a key resource in the #GazaChat tweetchat we organized, which involved more than 240 participants from around the world.

So we know he’ll do a great job during the FB Live session, of answering any questions you have about Cast Lead and its legacies. Do send them along!