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Coming off all the excitement of the nationwide speaking tour we did with Mohammad Sabaaneh, we’re eager to give you a preview of some of the programing we’re planning for 2019. We hope that you and many of your friends can help support the growth that these programs call for! Our planning for 2019 includes the following:

** An innovative online information campaign to mark the upcoming 10th Anniversary of Israel’s punishing “Operation Cast Lead” against Gaza.

(This one actually needs to start on December 27…)

Cast Lead, you will recall, was the first of a series of brutal attacks the Israeli military has periodically waged since then, against the totally besieged, overwhelmingly civilian population of Gaza. Launched in the last days of the George W. Bush administration, its brutality shocked the conscience of the world.

Today, ten years after Cast Lead, Gaza’s two-million-plus residents live in circumstances more perilous than ever. Washington’s support for Israel’s brutality there has never wavered. Now more than ever, we need to build up the information base of a US public that can (and must!) act to end Israel’s ongoing torture of Gaza.

Just World Ed has a fine track record of providing  informational resources and engaging online programing on the issue of Gaza. Our recent hiring of veteran activist Joe Catron as Director of Outreach strengthens our ability to pursue this project.

Thus far, we can only hire Joe to work part-time for us. With your help, we can make him full-time!

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** 3 – 4 speaking tours in the United States by inspiring communicators who will share with audiences around the country their firsthand witness on issues of war, peace, and justice in the Middle East.

We are big believers in the role that face-to-face encounters play in changing hearts, minds, and perspectives… as well as in informing ever-new sectors of the public!

In 2019, we plan to organize at least three or four significant speaking tours around the U.S. One of these is already well into development: We’ll be bringing Algerian national-liberation heroine Zohra Drif back to the U.S. in late March, this time to speak to audiences on the west coast.

Another, even more timely speaking tour (or speaking-tour series) we’re planning is one on Yemen, that would feature one or more of the numerous people who have real expertise on the history and culture of the country, as well as on its current (war-induced) humanitarian crisis.

A third tour we’re hoping to organize will be one on Gaza and its Great March of Return movement, featuring one or more people close to the planing for that inspiring exercise in creative, collective nonviolent action.

We also hope to plan other speaking tours, building on the great network of partners we’ve built up, in communities and colleges around the country… But planning and conducting speaking tours is very time-intensive, as anyone who’s ever done one can testify. So please, if these are the kinds of activities you’d like to support, please give generously to Just World Ed!

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** Building on the initiative we undertook last Earth Day to highlight that #WarHurtsEarth, we plan to hammer home that message even more forcefully in 2019…

For Earth Day 2018, we worked with four other organizations to co-draft a potent public statement, “To Save the Earth, Curb Militarism!” By the time Earth Day (April 22) came along, Greenpeace and 50 other organizations had also signed on– along with hundreds of individuals from around the world.

In 2019, we plan to build on that success by organizing a series of activities, both online and “In-Real-Life” to develop and amplify that message. We invite you to join in this campaign– and also to support it financially as much as you can!

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