Richard Falk’s amicus brief to the International Criminal Court

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Richard Falk, Just World Educational Board Member and international law scholar, filed an amicus curiae brief with the International Criminal Court on March 16, 2020. The brief argues that the jurisdiction of the Court extends to the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem, by virtue of the accession of the State of Palestine to the Rome Statute.

Amici were directed to submit briefs to the Pre-Trial Chamber strictly focused on the question of the court’s jurisdiction over war crimes and crimes against humanity in the occupied Palestinian territories. In the brief, Falk provides a detailed analysis of each sector of the occupied Palestinian territories. In conclusion, he emphasizes: “it is submitted that the object and purpose of the Rome Statute, the underlying goals of the Court, internationally recognised human rights principles and norms, and the promotion of global justice necessitate that an investigation be immediately opened, encompassing the entirety of the occupied Palestinian territory.”

Read the full brief below or download the PDF:


Photo credit: OSeveno, Wikimedia Commons