Bay Area’s Rick Sterling and Chuck Scurich join JWE board

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Just World Educational is delighted to announce that two fine peace-and-justice activists from the San Francisco Bay Area, Chuck Scurich and Rick Sterling, have joined our board. They bring to the board not only a new footing in the Bay Area but also two strong, decades-long records of activism in progressive, Middle East-related, and antiwar causes and considerable skills in media and other forms of public engagement. (Also, a bit of needed gender balance.)

Rick Sterling (shown at right, above) grew up in Vancouver, Canada but has lived for many years in the Bay Area. For over two decades he worked in the aerospace industry, and he has also done a considerable amount of research and writing on international issues. His articles on the Middle East, Latin America and US-Russia relations have been published at Global Research, Consortium News, TruePublica, and elsewhere.

He is currently board chair of the Mount Diablo Peace & Justice Center, where he also heads the Task Force on the Americas. He is a member of Rossmoor Voices for Justice in Palestine and sits on the steering committee of the Syria Solidarity Movement.

Chuck Scurich (shown at left, above) grew up in the Bay Area. He gained his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering at UC Berkeley in 1967 and completed a Peace Corps tour in Honduras in 1969. He then worked at his construction company, Steelform Contracting, until he retired in 2009.

Chuck has been involved in progressive activism since his student days, fighting for Free Speech and protesting against war. He is a longtime supporter of independent media with a special interest in the Middle East. He has been a supporter of the Berkeley-based radio station KPFA for over 50 years and is currently also part of the Spanish team at Democracy Now! In 2006, he visited Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza, and in 2009 visited those locations along with Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

With our Board’s annual meeting coming up next month, we are delighted that Rick and Chuck will be adding their voices, passion, and weighty experience to our deliberations and planning.