Algeria: Some early thinking about a possible political solution

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We are very happy to publish this paper, which was produced May 5 by a group of 15 professors at the Faculty of Political Science and International Relations, University of Algiers 3. (This paper was sent to us in English, which we have very lightly edited. ~JWE)


The current crisis results from the lack of a strategic vision for the future of our national state. Hence, a group of professors present these initial elements of thinking about possible solutions, based on a number of key controlling principles and the need to distinguish between the immediate and the long term.

The controlling principles

First: National unity of people and territory.
Second: The engagement of political will.
Third: Preservation of state institutions.
Fourth: Preservation of confidence among the parties to the solution.
Fifth: Adopting the mechanism of dialogue without exclusion or marginalization.
Sixth: To avoid getting trapped in transitional stages.
Seventh: Working within the horizon of a strategic vision.
Eighth: Taking the geo-strategic and international dimension into consideration.
Ninth: The military support.

Operational mechanisms for a solution

We need to distinguish between the mechanisms of the current government under the pressure of the current crisis and the mechanisms of long-term governance needed to establish the new Algerian regime.

Immediate mechanisms

In accordance with Articles 07, 08, 11 and 12 of the Constitution, we propose the following:

  • Initiate an immediate dialogue among all parties, in all sectors and at all levels, for a period of not more than one month on the formation of an independent sovereign national authority with the task of organizing presidential elections.
  • Media and social media are heavily involved in this dialogue.
  • This dialogue will lead to the formation of a leadership for this body. This body enables all material and organizational means to perform its tasks in organizing and supervising the elections from its inception until the announcement of the final results.
  • Adopting the method of electronic elections as a mechanism of prevention of forgery.
  • The functions of this body shall not interfere with anybody, authority or personality that is rejected by the public.

Long-term mechanisms

  • The beginning of the crystallization of a vision for the future of Algeria within the horizons of 2054 be in the level of aspirations expressed in the popular movement.
  • This vision results from strategic plans in the field of building a modern state based on valuing investment in the human resource and moving away from solutions related to any personality.
  • Workshops are opened within the framework of this vision in all areas, especially the primary ones, without prejudice to the general principles of the constitution, as well as to the various strategic options.
  • To assign this task to the national competencies and youth energies in order to respond to popular aspirations.

Signed on behalf of fifteen Professors by:

  • Professor Mohamed Salim KOLALA
  • Professor Abdelhafid DIB

May 5th, 2019