How to help JWE build support for more just US foreign policies!

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Just World Educational has great plans for 2018: We will work with community-based partners around the US to build a public that is better informed on international issues… and thus can strengthen the push for a more peaceful, fairer foreign policy. But we need to raise $100,000 very quickly if we are to realize our plans ~ and we welcome any and all help you can give us in this!

In the last five weeks of 2017, people can help us realize our 2018 plans in two main ways:

  • If you are on Facebook, then we ask you to donate to Just World Ed  via our Facebook page on Tuesday, Nov. 28 (“Giving Tuesday”)–and if you make your donation as soon after 8 am ET as possible, it will be matched by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation!
  • If you’re not on Facebook, then on Nov. 28 or any other day through the end of the year you can support our plans for 2018– and learn more about them!– by giving through our “Generosity” on-line fundraiser!)

Pus, if you’re on Twitter or any other social-media platform, you can tell your followers about our plans and invite their support, too, if you use this short-link to send them to our online fundraiser:

As you can learn on that fundraising page, our plans for 2018 include community-based educational projects on the themes of:

  • Boycotts & Social Change
  • Connecting Militarism and Environmental Harm on Earth Day 2018
  • Bringing Palestinian Cartoonist Sabaaneh Back to the US!

But we have several other projects we want to pursue in 2018, too. You’ll find several more details about them at this page on our website.


If you would like to heard more about our program plans, contribute your ideas to them, or invite a JWE board or staff member to come and discuss our plans in your community, please let us know!