Our #Gaza51days campaign to run July 7 – Aug 27

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From July 7 through August 27, Just World Educational will be running a broad campaign of public information about the situation of the two million Palestinians trapped in Gaza. We aim to increase the understanding of world publics about these people’s plight and its causes, and to bolster the efforts that Palestinians and their allies around the world are making to end Gaza’s suffering.

This campaign will mark the anniversary of the 51-day military assault that Israel launched against Gaza three years ago, in July and August 2014. We will pursue it largely online and through social media. It will have one major hashtag: #Gaza51days, but we’ll also use other hashtags along the way, including #EndTheBlockade, #GazaUnlocked, #RememberAndAct, and so on…

We invite you to contribute to and amplify the #Gaza51days campaign in any way that feels comfortable to you!

The campaign will be divided into three phases, each lasting about 17 days:

In the first phase, we will expose the many levels of suffering that continue to be inflicted on Gaza’s residents to this day– from the current, draconian power cuts, through the limitations on rebuilding after the string of assaults Israel has launched against Gaza since 2006… through the deeply anti-family restrictions on travel… and back to the Nakba of 1948 which sent/concentrated so many Palestinians from elsewhere as refugees into Gaza…

In the second phase, we will point to humanitarian types of actions that concerned people around the world might take to ease Gazans’ suffering. This part of the campaign will also look at the limits on how useful any purely “humanitarian” action can be in a situation in which the Israeli occupation forces control every basic aspect of life in Gaza– and Israeli entities even profit handsomely from aid shipments sent into their totally captive market in Gaza.

In the third phase, we will explore nonviolent political actions people can take to help end the sufferings of the Gaza Palestinians once and for all. This phase of the campaign will require a clear-eyed and informed understanding of the political forces that cause the  catastrophe in Gaza, so we’ll also be providing and pointing to strong analysis of the politics of the Gaza crisis throughout the whole of the #Gaza51days campaign.

We’re also hoping to stimulate (and host) vigorous discussions, both online and “in real life”, of which kinds of campaigns, coalitions, and organizing slogans can be most effective.

Here’s how we’ll be organizing the #Gaza51days campaign, and how you can join with it:

** Here on the Just World Educational blog: We’ll have a regular series of posts on the campaign’s themes, here in this stream on the blog.

What you can do with/at our blog:

  • Check back in with the blog frequently to see what’s new (or add the RSS feed to your feedreader.)
  • Send in your comments and reactions to these posts. We are eager to hear everyone else’s ideas!
  • Send us links to any resources you’d like us to feature in the blog– we know there’s a lot of thoughtful and informative content out there, and we’re eager to share it, too.
  • Share any of the blog posts you find particularly informative with your friends “in real life”, or via social media.

** Over at our Just World Educational Facebook page: We’ll be sharing content and resources broadly (our own and other people’s– with due attribution, naturally!)… and interacting with all the Facebook “community” to build momentum for the campaign and have some great discussions about the best way forward.

What you can do:

  • “Like” our Just World Educational page on FB, if you haven’t done so already.
  • Actively check back with it and contribute to the great discussions we’ll be having there.
  • Send us links to resources that you find particularly helpful or informative and tell us what is distinctive about them– or, how they could be yet further improved.
  • Share the posts on the FB page widely with your own followers.

** Over at our @JustWorldEd Twitter feed: We’ll be keeping a lively conversation going, sharing content and resources broadly (our own and other people’s– with due attribution, naturally!)… and generally building momentum for the campaign. We will also use the Twitter space to do as much as we can to memorialize those killed in the 2014 assault.

What you can do:

  • Follow our “@JustWorldEd” account on Twitter, and check back with it frequently.
  • Tweet your own ideas, reactions, and great content along with an @JustWorldEd tag so we can see, retweet, respond, and otherwise amplify them.
  • Use our #Gaza51days hashtag as much as you can– and explain to anyone who asks what those 51 days signify.
  • Send us other ideas for hashtags, as well.

We look forward to joining with a powerful coalition of friends around the world in renewing our commitment to #RememberAndAct during this #Gaza51days campaign. Please join us!

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  1. i belive firmely that the action needed is a face based one , with every human …
    our crisis is one of sincerity not nationalties
    i think the main issue at hand is making our habitat with us in it – a sustainable harmonic and inspairing sphere.

  2. The Free Palestine Movement and the ISM chapter in Northern California are pleased to endorse this campaign. Gaza must be free. Palestine must be free. Zionism is an abomination whose racist agenda that may be permitted in the minds of troubled individuals out of freedom of thought. It may be expressed out of freedom of expression. But it must not be allowed to be practiced because it is a violation of justice and human rights.

  3. Here is a link to some reports on 2014 Operation Protective Edge. There are 6 NGO reports and 2 US State Department Reports: http://www.aimeproject.org/gaza_2014_reports/index.htm

    Gaza 2014 Operation Protective Edge – 6 NGO Reports & 2 State Department Reports

    Summary taken from Introduction to Amnesty International report that can be found following the link above..
    Israeli air strikes during Israel’s recent military operation in the Gaza Strip, Operation Protective Edge, targeted inhabited multistory family homes. Whole families, including many women and children, were killed or injured by these targeted strikes and, in addition, there was extensive destruction of civilian property.

    These attacks were carried out in the context of a 50-day conflict, from 8 July until 26 August, in which the scale of destruction, damage, death and injury to Palestinian civilians, homes and infrastructure was appalling. According to figures released by the United Nations, some 1,523 civilians, including 519 children, are among more than 2,192 Palestinians who died during the operation.1 By the time of the ceasefire on 26 August there were approximately 110,000 internally displaced persons living in emergency shelter and with host families. The UN estimated that about 18,000 housing units were destroyed or rendered uninhabitable, leaving approximately 108,000 people homeless. A further 37,650 housing units were damaged.

    At the same time, Hamas and other Palestinian armed groups fired thousands of indiscriminate rockets and mortar rounds into civilian areas of Israel, killing six civilians, including one child.3 Dozens of other Israelis, including at least six children, were directly injured by rockets or shrapnel. A total of 66 soldiers were killed in the fighting.

  4. Why does the Jewish nation, supposedly one of the most Christian States in the world, treat its neighbours in such an Unchristian way?
    The Bible, upon which their lives and beliefs are based, says quite clearly that the two most important of the Ten Commandments are
    1/ You shall love the Lord your God
    2/ You shall love your neighbour as yourself.

    What’s happening?

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