Some fine writers, educators, activists, supporting JWE!

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Lovely words of support for our new venture have been coming in from some very cool Just World Books authors! Here’s what they’ve been saying:

Leila Abdelrazaq

Author of Baddawi.

“Growing up a Palestinian in the United States, it has always been clear to me just how little Americans understand about the Middle East, as well as the impact that US foreign policy has on the region.

“Just World Educational enhances the educational work already being done by JWB by initiating projects grounded in community education. It will make resources and space for much-needed conversations accessible to people, helping to increase public understanding around some of the most critical issues of our time. It is only through such diligent educational outreach that we can hope to see a shift in American foreign policy in the Middle East and beyond.”

“We are excited about your new initiative to create Just World Educational, an independent non-profit educational organization that will encompass JWB and other activities devoted to peace and justice especially in the Middle East. Even though our book The People Make the Peace is focused on antiwar activism during the Vietnam era, we are keenly aware that the lessons of that antiwar movement still need to be gleaned so that today’s efforts to bring peace to the Middle East might be even more effective.

“JWE deserves our support so that ‘Team Helena’ (Helena Cobban, Bill Quandt, and the Board and Staff) can provide a more flexible and versatile platform for public discussion and debate.”

“Just World Books was founded in 2010 on principle and with courage by a remarkable woman, Helena Cobban, herself a political writer and activist. She has gathered and nurtured authors who have written about oppression and injustice with an emphasis on exposing the myth of Israel as a Democracy.

“Helena has courageously published courageous writers who have witnessed the brutality of Israel’s occupation and the attempt for over 70 years to destroy the Palestinian population. I am proud to be a part of the family of writers Helena has published and look forward to the expansion of Just World Books into an educational resource. What a marvelous way to engage a larger portion of the population, to educate, to break the silence, and speak truth to power.”

David Swanson

Author of War Is A Lie (and many fine books he earlier self-published.)

“I’m thrilled by the plans for Just World Educational. Public thought and behavior suffer more than anything else from a deficiency of the sort of knowledge published by Just World Books. I look forward to being part of spreading the word.”