JWE launches PalCast, featuring Yousef Aljamal (host) & Helena Cobban (cohost)

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On November 16, we released Episode 1 of our new podcast, the PalCast, a collaboration with Tortoise Shack Media of Dublin, Ireland. Episode 2 dropped two days later– and we’d released a short early teaser describing the series and its participants, back on Nov. 11.

The host of the PalCast is Dr. Yousef Aljamal, a Gaza-Palestinian political scientist and justice activist who lives in Turkey and is a non-resident Fellow with the Hashim Sani Center for Palestine Studies at the University of Malaya.

We are planning to release two new episodes a week throughout the current Gaza-Israel crisis– and perhaps after, as well. Episode 1 was titled “The Streets are with Palestine” and Ep. 2 was “A Shared Struggle– Palestine and Ireland.” In Episode 3, which will drop November 22, Yousef discusses the history and political evolution of Hamas with JWE’s Helena Cobban and Tortoise Shack’s Tony Groves.

You can find the PalCast on Apple, on Spotify, or on other large podcasting platforms. We urge you to go and listen to them there and to give the PalCast the very best reviews you can! Also, be sure to share the news about this timely podcast series with all your friends and networks. Thanks!