JWE’s new materials on Gaza, Hamas, and one-state proposal

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As we approach the first anniversary of the Palestinians’ Gaza-based “Great March of Return ” mass nonviolent action, Just World Educational has been preparing a lot of GMR-related informational resources that English-speaking people around the world can use to understand more about the situation in Gaza and the goals of the GMR.

Expect to see more of these materials appearing here on the JWE blog, and elsewhere on the website over the coming two weeks. (If you want to learn about them as soon as they appear, follow us on Twitter or “Like” our FB page.)

For now, we can tell you about three great new resources that are already available:

** We recently updated and reformated the factsheet “Understanding Gaza and Hamas” that we first released last spring. Download a PDF version of this 4-side letter-size factsheet here. We’re having a bunch of these professionally printed as an attractive bi-fold; and they should be available very soon.

If you want to order some for your community group, congregation, or classroom, drop us an email. We ask you to help us cover the costs by paying $1 per bi-fold plus shipping costs.

** In this column that JWE president Helena Cobban recently published on the Mondoweiss website, she explored some of the issues raised in international diplomacy by the evident failure of all efforts to find a two-state solution for the Palestine Question. (Hint: The Palestinians’ Right of Return, which is a central call for the Great Return March, may actually be easier to address within a one-state formula than it ever was in a two-state model…)

** In this podcast that we released today (as part of our “Story/Backstory” project) Cobban first of all read the text of the column. Then, as a special treat for listeners, instead of merely providing her own further spoken “backstory” on the same topic, she discussed the topic in a lively, 25-minute conversation with invited guest William B. Quandt. (He’s not only a very distinguished Middle East specialist– the pair have also been life partners for more than 34 years.)