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On January 21, Just World Educational released the first episode in our new podcast series “The World From Palestine.” In this series, JWE President Helena Cobban and Palestinian scholar Yousef AlJamal are jointly exploring the intersections between Palestine’s liberation struggle and other anti-imperialist struggles throughout history, and until today.

Ms. Cobban is a veteran analyst of Palestinian and world affairs, and author of seven books on international issues who for 17 years contributed a regular column on global issues to The Christian Science Monitor. On her personal website Just World News, since January she has been exploring the deep history of settler colonialism over the past 600 years. Mr. Aljamal is a wellknown Palestinian author and speaker who grew up in Gaza and is currently completing his Ph.D. in international affairs at Turkey’s Sakarya University.

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The World From Palestine

Episode 3

Episode 3
Released February 4, 2022

This episode delves into the the dire environmental impact that West-European settler-colonial projects have always had on the lands and peoples that have been their target. From Israeli afforestation to the near-extinction of buffalo in the Great Plains of North America, Helena and Yousef break down settler attempts to appropriate resources and destroy indigenous self-sufficiency. Find the full transcript here.

Episode 6

Episode 6
Released February 25, 2022

This week on The World From Palestine, co-hosts Helena Cobban and Yousef Aljamal untangle the ways in which empires erase and appropriate the cultures of indigenous peoples, whose lands they settle and steal.

Find the full transcript here.


Read the full transcripts of each episode of The World From Palestine below:

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Yousef Aljamal


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Our new podcast series is being distributed globally by Just World Podcasts and is available for streaming or download on all major podcast-streaming platforms, including Apple and Spotify.

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